2010 Paintings

Butterfly 2010 oil on wood 26 x 26″
“Urban Primitive”  oil on wood   26″x 26″  2010













Prince oil on wood 26″x 26″ 2010
Reclining Pear 2   oil on wood   18″x 24″   2010

Fish in my Sink   acrylic on paper   21″x 17″

Reclining Pear oil on wood 18″x 24″ 2010


In his own World  oil on wood   24″x 18″  2010

“Pablo’s Cat”  oil on wood   24″ x 30″   2010
“Chandelier”  acrylic on wood  18″ x 24″  2010

“Fish Chart”  acrylic on wood  18″ x 24″  2010
“Motel Room”  acrylic on wood  30″ x 23″  2010

“Plastic Fruit”   oil on wood  25″ x 18″  2010
“Cats Eye”  acrylic on paper  21″ x 17″  2009

“Sao Paolo” 26″x 26″ oil on wood 2010

I have given this painting the title “Sao Paolo” because to me the composition has the happy and rythmic feel of a Brazilian Samba. I also think of vinyl record jacket design for some kind of fictitious 60’s jazz ensemble.

“Absinthe”   30″x 40″   oil on canvas   2010

“Absinthe” is a memory piece, or more fittingly an inability to recollect piece. The title is a reference to those early 20th century modern paintings of Parisian bars dotted with bottles and glasses by the likes of  Picasso, Leger, Braque. I generally remember them in a kind of hazy past of art history books all sort of blended together like in an obscured mirror ball. Also the bright green rectangle in the center looked to be the color of absinthe. I arrived at the composition by photographing several recent paintings organized in a brick-like arrangement  against the wall. They inadvertently combined to present a reassembled view of the table top theme that I have been working on this year. I cropped the photo and placed it square on a larger white ground,  printing the result and  pinning it to a wall, which was interesting enough but still not quite right until, a couple of days later, I turned it 90 degrees and  the white ground now somehow took on the presence of a room. The white surround gave it an open space dynamic that previous pieces did not have.

“Dream of the Danae” 22″x 30″ acrylic on paper 2010

In my composition I have taken from Titian’s painting ” the Danae” in which a Venus/nymph lies naked  on a bed in a tangle of sheets with a cupid figure. The bed is framed by side drapes but located outdoors.  Overhead a storm cloud erupts, showering Venus with  gold flakes. The painting tells the story of the mythical  meeting between Danae and Jove, who, from the heavens above sends down the shower of gold into Danae’s bosom. I read recently that this is an erotic metaphor for Jove’s orgasm. I was shocked! First at the bold erotic meaning and then at my own inability to see it. I had naively thought about Renaissance painting as being mainly about religious  content. Anyway it meant that I had to remake the Titian picture; situating the picture on a beach and substituted the storm cloud with a crashing wave in the top left of the picture. The Venus and cupid become 2 bikini clad girls sunning on the beach. The bed drapery has been turned into a rock face. The rocks work in the same way as the drapery in that it makes the viewer something of a voyeur.

"Inclining Pear" 23"x23" oil on wood 2010
“Inclining Pear” 23″x23″ oil on wood 2010

This is a square format oil on wood panel along the theme of a table in a room.  What if everything in the room did not have to obey gravity?   Its not  a perceptually real table or room so the pear could lie on the vertical edge of the table without falling off. Of course it could


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