“Absinthe”   30″x 40″   oil on canvas   201o
“Absinthe” is a memory piece, or more fittingly like the drink, an inability to recollect piece. The title is a reference to those early 20th century modern paintings of Parisian bars dotted with bottles and glasses by the likes of  Picasso, Leger, Braque. I generally remember them all blended into a kind of hazy past something like refractions in a dimmed mirror ball. Also the bright green rectangle in the center looked to be the color of absinthe. I arrived at the composition by photographing several paintings organized in a brick-like arrangement  against the wall. They combined to present a reassembled view of the table top theme that I have been working on this year. I cropped the photo and placed it square on a larger white ground, printing the result and  pinning it to a wall, which was interesting enough but still not quite right until, a couple of days later, I turned it 90 degrees and  the white ground now somehow took on the presence of a room. The white surround gave it a more dynamic open space.

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