Montreal Paintings 2009

“Au Dépanneur”  21″x 17″  acrylic on paper  2009

“Roman”    18″x 24″  acrylic on wood   2009

“Night Kitchen”   24″x 30″ acrylic on wood  2009


“Mont Royal”  acrylic on wood  24″x 18″  2009
“Cycliste”  acrylic on wood   24″x 18″  2009

“Vie d’Artiste”  acrylic on wood  24″x30″  2009


“Alberto au Surf” 24″x 18″ acrylic 2009

L’Inconnu”   acrylic on wood   24″x 18″  2009″


One thought on “Montreal Paintings 2009

  1. Dear Paul,

    You are very fortunate that you found your gift early on within your life.

    It truly is a pleasure viewing your artwork grow ever so beautifully, and ever so dramatically.

    Thank you!



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