Summer 2007

“Melancholy Wait”  w/c  on paper  22″x 30″  2007

This work is from a series of watercolours that I exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair in NYC in the summer of 2007. The series was comprised of  narrative scenes from Woodbine Beach in Toronto. This a place  where I often go during the summer for a quick lunch time break from the studio. I enjoy the sun and the surf as well as the unplanned contrapuntal arrangement of people on the beach.

“The Ice Cream Seller” w/c on paper 22″x 30′ 2007
“Queue Beach”   w/c on paper    22″x 30″   2007
“Gust of Wind (Hokusai)” w/c on paper 22’x 30″ 2007

“Gust of Wind” is based on a well known woodblock print by Hokusai. It caught my eye because it represented both the illusion of  wind and human folly. A movement action,  like wind, is very seldom  a subject in painting. I have updated and relocated Hokusai’s theme to the shores of Lake Ontario in the present day.


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